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Rough sawn timber for structural beams

Timber construction or Oak frames building,

a long-lasting solution


Bois de charpente et structure boisFrench oak has been used for centuries in our housing. Of course, some restoration jobs on half timbering or  historical building needs exceptional oak pieces, which have been drying for many years to stabilize and get the right moisture content. But a lot of our contemporaries especially in the united kingdom are also dreaming about an oak frame house, or simply for an extension our outbuilding like a garage or a conservatory. 

Oak posts are often chosen by French farmers, as the offer a fast and valuable building solution, which combines durability, low costs, and suits their environment very well.

ak building will then still be present in our landscape, and Grouazel sawmill can offer a wide choice of oak beams, fresh sawn or air dried, in various sections and lengths for any new construction, refurbishment work or restoration which require well stabilized oak beams.

for new buildings, the sawmill cuts on list the requested beams for every kind of construction, (private house, extension, barns or sheds and any other public job such as bridges, walkways...)

The oak is carefully graded QP1 and QPA at the sawmill, according the classification of the association for promotion of French timber, which allows also to certify on request a visual structural grading for Oak (D18, D24 and D 30, according European norm EN14081 -1)

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