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Boules and Square edges

Boules and un edged selected boards


Flagship product of the 1st transformation of hardwoods, the boule combines excellent flexibility and high yield by manufacturing, as the user can choose by himself at the very moment the way he will cut the boards.

Grouazel sawmill stores permanently oak, chestnut, robinia or other hardwood boards after they’ve been dried on the yard or in one of the kilns.

To get an identical color for one job, the boule (one single log cut though and through in one thickness, and re-built together again on sticks to allow properly drying of each single board is the right product.

The sawmill produces also selected boules, made of single un edged boards, sorted by grade and thickness, coming from different logs. This product offers a great value for money, and can be edged with a good yield for production of very clean and straight wood blanks

To get a very affordable budget, we can also produce the standard square edges from slab wood, (falling boards around a boxed heart beam), which suits flooring production very well.

All Oak boules are classified according the European norm EN 975-1. Chestnut boules are graded following the French norm NF B53-801

Square edges and prepared timbers


avivésPrerequisite to the second transformation of timber, square edged boards in order to be profiled in a 4 sides molder are more and more preferred by manufacturers and craftsmen.

Grouazel Sawmill gets used to this trend by offering a wide choice of oak, chestnut, beech, ash, etc… square edges for the production of furniture, cladding, joinery works or any other construction purpose. The range covers every customer needs, in terms of size and grade: standard thicknesses (27 to 54 mm) a cut according the demand as random or fixed widths, depending on the customers’ orders.

Oak prepared timbers, ripped after kilning, allow and very constant quality, grade and are perfectly straight.

The worldwide increasing demand on oak square edges forces clients to diversify their supply chain.

Grouazel sawmill studies each demand, one off or supply contract, for square edges or prepared timber of oak, chestnut, beech or ash.

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