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A family story

In 1910, Joseph Grouazel is passionate about timbers of its native region, Brittany, especially for hardwood. He decides to be involved in those noble timbers like Oak, Beech, Sweet Chestnut and Ash and starts his activity on the roads of Brittany with a steam saw.

in 1946, he establishes his first sawmill in Romagné, his native village, together with both sons, to whom he passes on his passion. Step by step, the business activity increases. Like timber grain, generations threads are canvassing around passion and respect of this noble timber.

The company, nowadays

The company takes an important shift in 1992, when it moves in Saint-Sauveur-des-landes. The purchased area allows the construction of several  premises (mill, workshop, storage...) to increase it's activity thanks big investments.

Still looking after new technologies, the sawmill invests in forefront equipment, and takes over other sawmill in order to widen its range. This shows its will to support its customers and fulfill their requirements.

Today, Jean-Pierre and Loïc Grouazel follow the adventure. As depositary of this heritage they are working in respect of the stong values of wellness at work and sustainable development, and carry on in turn their knowhow.

Modernity and skill place now Grouazel sawmill among the most important hardwood sawmill in Brittany.

Sustainable development

Forests and their preservation are major asset of Grouazel sawmill activity.

in order to work daily in a way of a sustainalble development, the company carries at each stage of the process, actions in favour of this process.
Our timbers, Hardwood, are for most of them naturally sustainable. They come from French forests, which are all managed in a sustainable way and all the products which are delivered by the sawmill are PEFC certified. (Certification is done on demand). In order to reduce carbon footprint, we give priority to short ways.

More about certification Process PEFC Certificate CE Certificate

Innovation in wood industry

Nothing's lost, everything is recycled. Wooden waste is turned into fuel to heat the workshops and the kilns, or are sold to pellets manufacturers to be burned in boilers of private users or collectivities.

Wood is a living ressourche, wich is used in various ways. These evolutions are in the heart  of the activity of Grouazel sawmill, which improves itself constantly, to be able to offer the best service to its customers. In the same time Grouazel still  while still focuses on sustainable development for each project.