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/ Certification process


The production of finger jointed laminated glued beams is a complex processing which needs to be done with a perfect mastery, in order to get the expected result, especially a good glueholding.

More about our production equipments

Since 2004, Grouazel is commited to a voluntary commitment of certification, which guarantees:

The quality of our products at the entrance :

  • Temperature of the timbers at the entrance
  • Moisture content of the timbers
  • Type and specifications of the glues which are used
  • Control of the basis weight  of the glue and it's application
  • Gluing process and hot press

And for the finished product :

  • control of the dimensional tolerance
  • Mechanical strength test
  • Test of delamination
  • Test of glue resistance in moisture conditions

Grouazel sawmill has been certified by the FCBA (Forêt Cellulose Bois-construction) which is a technical centre dedicated to the promotion of the technical progress and the improvement of the warranty and the quality in the wood industrie.
Every year, the company is checked on site and some samples are sent to a laboratory to verify their compliance.
Our certificates are available for download.

CTB LCA Châtaigner CTB LCA Pin Sylvestre PEFC CE

This token of quality is very popular by industrials, due to the effect that may have an failure in gluing resistance.