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Second transformation

Planing, Moulding

 Our second transformation unit has 3 moulding machines to plane execute every kind of profile on each side of the blanks. For a reasonable minimum quantity we can also complete our tools assortment  in order to realise bespoke profiles.

Finger Jointing

 Thanks a 4 side planer located close to the finger jointer machine, which skinns and calibrated the boards before they are sorted manually by a graduated operator, to be assembled according to visual criteria.

Short pieces from 0.30 to 0.80 m are then aligned automatically to be machined on both ends before getting bicomponent glue and be pressed together for crosslink. We fingerjoint boards up to 5.0 meters.


 we offer to manufacture for our customers  from solid or finger jointed pieces working surfaces, stair treads, stringers, newel posts, handrails, or 3-plies laminated beams for doors or windows frames that we produce with two heat presses.

CNC miling machine

Our 5- axles milling machine (4 sides and top surface) has a work surface of 5.00 x1.20 m. The operator installs rough pieces which are then manufactured according the given programm. In this way we can perform drilling, grooving, rounded edges, various notches etc...

feel free to come back to us for any job inquiry !

Ultra thin edging

We are using a gangsaw with several adjustable blades, which ensures a clean and precise cut for thicknesses betwee 3 and 10 mm. For flooring wearlays or any side material, we can help with a good solution.

In addtion we have at our disposal, spindle mouder, Thicknesser, 4 side planer, drilling machines, cross cut machines and above all, a team of slilled and expecienced joiners.