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/ Achievement Outdoor layout : wooden and metal fences - Fougères (35)

Fencing for private homeowner

The will of the owner was to bring out the timber of its region in various form, but with an efficient, long lasting and aesthetic fence.The basis of this fence is a welded mesh fence of good quality with 5 mm metal wire, supported by exclusive aluminium posts which offer number of variation in the choice of panels.

So the fence alternates transversal aluminium or wooden boards, silkscreen printed panels and welded mesh panels that the owner wished to have filled with local timber staves.

Oak, Chestnut, Robinia or even thermically modified poplar mixed together, enhanced by the alternation of aluminium elements.

The wooden staves, sometimes square edged with chamfer, sometimes machined with a ½ round profile hide the view but keep for both sides of the fence, a modern, natural and aesthetic aspect.

Grouazel sawmill supplies the full range of the metal fence and produces the wooden fillers according custommer’s needs or taste.

 Timber : Sweet chestnut Technical sheet (PDF)
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 Timber : Oak Technical sheet (PDF)
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 Timber : Poplar Technical sheet (PDF)
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 Timber : Robinia Technical sheet (PDF)
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